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Requirements/Surveys/Journey Mapping

Understanding the requested feature or application from the business and user stand point helping to justify the project and the ROI. Work with leadership, stakeholders, product and possible users to best understand the problem and how to solve it.

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Team Building/Structure

Building the right team to "Fail Fast"

The faster you fail the quicker you find the right solutions, saving money and time while building the best products.


Your team is everything when creating the best application. Three different forms of structure can take place depending on who UX should reports to. Once this is determined, hiring your proper roles can begin. From managers, leads, researchers, designers and information architects, the UX team must work side by side with product managers and dev leads to better define requirements and help to illustrate the proper journeys to create the best in class products. Recent roles for UX have been changed more to a R&D team to save waisted moneys. Investment in the UX team helps to see if the product is worth the money and time to build at a much lower cost. Difference in thought and actions help foster healthy adversity and pushback in your designs, fostering growth not only in the designs but in the trust and cohesion of the team.


Visually communicate abstract concepts with Team Leads, Leadership and Stakeholders.

Rapid Prototyping

Get users involved early in the design process with quick digital designs. Create the best journey maps, personas and user flows needed to make the design understandable to the stakeholders, dev teams and end users. Uncover usability issues and validate design decisions based on actual user reactions.

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User Testing

Using different process such as Custom User Testing Applications (, VOC group Whiteboard Sessions and In Person or Online Prototype Walk Throughs.

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High Fidelity Mockups

Apply product branding, grid structure, typography, color scheme, and icons.

High Fidelity Prototypes

Quickly develop interactive prototypes with tools like InVision and Figma. This lets the team easily distribute and observe exactly how well the product will be received before the product gets built. 

Design System Creation

All brands need to stay up to date and up to standards while designing for any companies application. Creation of full Design Systems are a must and foster brand awareness within the design teams. UX teams, Marketing and Dev teams benefit from this process and foster quick growth. Both Web and Native Systems must be created to best help with the understand of vision and execution of your products.

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