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UX Portfolio

Director of User Experience  |  Research  |  Wireframe  |  Prototype  |  Device Specific Design  |  User Testing  |  Persona Creation

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Directed multiple teams that helped the vision, growth and market share while continuing forward with new concepts, user experiences and best practices. From 250K users to over 2.7 million today. Starting as the sole UX designer and growing a department to fully help with all phases of UX design for todays applications.

Transflo Mobile allows professional drivers to manage all their work from one mobile app! Meet with business and users to better understand what was needed to better their driving and load workflow. Click into links to learn more about this design including extra applications and thought processes.

Research  |  Wireframe  |  Prototype  |  eCommerce



Needed to design a simple account setup, including billing service for the application EventHut. Worked with business and dev teams to create all requirement documents. Worked as the PM as well as UI/UX designer through the process from beginning to delivery.

R&R Divide Insurance Portal

Business Requirements | Wireframe  |  Prototype  |  Interaction Design  |  Visual Design

Design Insurance Agency prototype web app. Worked with clients to research, sketch, wireframe, design, create style sheet and prototype to show what their portal would look like.

KPI filled Dynamic Dashboard for best visibility in to the users work day.

Agent view. Showing all agents within a search including their availability and schedule

Confidential designs created for Deloitte and PwC. Designs can not be shown due to the nature of the applications. The first one is the newest global auditing application. The second is a web portal to supplement an existing system.

Research  |  Wireframe  |  Prototype  |  Interaction Design  |  Visual Design

Research  |  Wireframe  |  Prototype  |  Interaction Design  |  Visual Design

Novel Rate

Novel Rate was designed to rate different books via crowd sourcing. Star system plus full reviews to help select what you would like to read next.

Research  |  Wireframe  |  Prototype  |  Interaction Design  |  Visual Design

Quik Tracks

Quik Tracks was designed with the music user in mind. Created for live concerts to mobile DJ's when there is a need to have sound effects or full backing tracks that start and stop when you need them to. Client OneGenius requested a UX that would be simple and colorful for the user to see and setup in a seconds time. This app has been used by Florida Georgia Line (Top Country Act), Keith Urban (Top Country Act), Multiple radio stations across country and many others.

Research  |  Wireframe  |  Prototype  |  Interaction Design  |  Visual Design


Quidamo was a  one year design from concept to finished product including UI and UX.for the client IRDC Inc. Interface was designed to use the space not shown in the screen to add more icon locations. It spun around the entire hidden area of the circle as if it was a watch face. I designed every page, icon, interface photo, wireframes and logos. Including HTML/ CSS and A/B testing.. 

Wireframe  |  Prototype  |  Interaction Design  |  Visual Design website. Wireframe, designed, branded and enhanced the overall flow and  processes need to make the site intuitive and easy for the owner to manipulate.


Mobile  |  Web app  | Native 

Different concepts some that have gone live, some that have not

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